International Business Gift Department

The department devotes itself to combining traditional Chinese culture and commercial gifts into organic wholes in an attempt to display Chinese cultural rarities to the world. To achieve this, the Department selected the 7 pieces of the best ancient music from the 8 century B.C. to the 15th century in ancient China; it bought the copyright, and had them performed with traditional musical instruments. They received the warm welcome of large corporations such as Airbus, Lola, China-US Tobacco and FPD etc. Selling price: US 10.00/ 85.00.

After the Tang Dynasty (from 618DC to 907DC), the Chinese people cherished peonies a lot, and peony flowers became the embodiments of riches and honors. It is a peony Drawing purely protracted by hands; matched with complete Chinese-styled mount and a gift box, the drawing can be rolled up for keeping and/or for taking it back home more easily. Selling price: USD$105.00/set

Cultural rarities lead a fashion